Papa John's 10 miler

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Married to Heidi with two lovely children; Oliver 11 and Amelia 9.  I have been running for about 16 years now.  

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Race: Papa John's 10 miler (10 Miles) 01:08:25, Place overall: 131, Place in age division: 25
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Almost a carbon copy of last years 10 miler. The weather couldn't have been much better. 45 degrees and clear. A little windy. I ran a couple of miles to warm the legs up and arrived at the start line just in time for the start.


Mile 1: With the wind, but climb from 459 to 488 (29 feet).  Like any race with 7,000, there was a lot of bumping and jockeying for position. I tried to stay on the centerline of the road and just fall into a comfortable pace. 6:32 for the first mile.


Mile 2: 488 to 470 (down 18 feet). Again running south with the wind. I can't see Joe Bell anymore, but not suprised by that. I feel very comfortable. The crowd is thinning just a tad. 6:23 for mile two.

Mile 3: 470 to 509 (up 39 feet). We are entering Iroquois Park. We will do a loop in this park over the next 2.5 miles. There is no flat ground here. Up and down throughout. It is wooded, so not much effect from the wind.   6:54 for mile three

Mile 4: 509 to 568 (up 59 feet).  There was about a quarter mile down in this segment which was nice to catch my breath. Then up again. 7:02 for mile four

Mile 5: 568 to 578. This segment was rolling gaining and loosing as much as 35 feet of elevation at a time. Half way. 7:01 for mile five. 33:48 for the first half.

Mile 6: 578 to 575. This mile had a very nice downhill. I thought we may be done with the park now. 5.5 mile on Garmin shows 509 feet.  By now, the crowd is nothing more that essentially a single file line trying to find the shortest route around this winding rolling road. 7:07 for mile six.

Mile 7: 575 to 469. We are leaving the park behind finally. With a lazy s-curve, we double back onto runners in the first half of the race. There is good croud support here. The wind is now in our face and will stay there til the end. With the downhill and a jolt from the crowd, I find a good stride and get a little leg speed back. 6:37 for mile seven

Mile 8: 469 to 487. We are now running on the flat. Again there are still runners on there way out. I chat with a couple of people on the way. I'm now passing people really for the first time all race. I know my pace hasn't ticked up. However, the effort has. I'm giving it all I've got now. 7:06 for mile eight.

Mile 9: 487 to 458. Not much to talk about. We are all just pushing toward the finish.  6:55 for mile nine.

Mile 10: 458 to 461: The mile is flat, but the overpass seems much harder than anticipated. I can see Papa John's stadium now. I also start to hear the announcer. The last mile is in the stadium, running 3/4 the way around the football field on artificial turf. The corners are a little tight, but its nice to be done. 6:43 for ten.  34:37for the second 5 miles. 


I ran finished this race in 1:08:56 last year and 1:08:25 this year.  (PR for a 10 miler)

Weight: 156.00
From joebell1981 on Sun, Apr 07, 2013 at 10:03:57 from

Great job, Nathan! Sorry couldn't stick around longer. Nice race entry - very accurate description of this race. I will have to remember to wait for you to report yours from now on so I can do a little cutting and pasting :)

I found a couple fulls for End of Aug/Beg of September:


Layton Mar. Utah (4000' elev.):

Tupelo Mar. in Mississippi (some hills):

Lehigh Valley Marahton in Allentown,PA

(flat - looks ideal)

and lets not forget about Presque Isle! :)

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